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About Me

Hi, I'm Jack, I'm a photographer from the county Kent, UK.

I began studying photography back in 2016, prior to this I found myself being fascinated by photography whilst I was studying Art in my GCSE's which then lead me to take it on as an A-Level, following this I then began a foundation year at a local college where I first started my independent work with some peers covering various events and working along side this I became a photography/Art technician for a secondary school.

Following on from college I attended Falmouth University, exploring through various different types and formats of photography. After the three years I graduated with a Second Upper Division (2.1) where I was later featured at the Truman Brewery's Free Range show in London 2022. 

With University behind me I continue to pursue my love of photography as a freelance photographer.

This website was designed in order to show a general portfolio of my work throughout independent work and 6th form, college, University and everything in between.

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